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Version 20 free 2D license file renew

I have version20 free 2d on CD and would like to install that on my boss's PC because he is used to using that interface as apposed to the current version. I installed the software then went through the upgrade or renew your license process on solid edge's website but the software still did not run. Do you have any suggestions?

Re: Version 20 free 2D license file renew

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Siemens Pioneer
I am filling in for the guy who normnally handles these questions, but will take a stab at this. I was under the understanding that after installing the product, there was no need to do any licensing of it. The license should be installed for you with the installation of the product itself. Did it prompt you to go to our website to license it? If not, I would suggest removing it and reinstalling it on your PC and then just go ahead and run it with no further licensing operation necessary.

Hope this helps.


Re: Version 20 free 2D license file renew

What operating system are you using?
What error are you getting?
V20 would not automatically install the license to open up the software.
The license current you download from the web site should work.
Rick B.