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Very slow performance ST9 MP6




This afternoon I was working on a assy with 37000+ parts and the performance was "down", I produced a simpel drawing (topview) and the size was 30mb saving to the server took 4-5 minutes... also saving the assy took more than 5 minutes..


Than I saved the same drawing to my local SSD drive.. no difference..  also 4-5 minutes...  that was strange...


Than I copied this file from local SSD to the server  (30mb) this was done in 1-2 second... so the connection to the server seems to be oke..


I run the latest i7 with Windows 10, 32 GB memory, samsung pro 960 SSD and an M4000 quadro card..   ST9/MP6 and ST10 build .78 in dual install mode.


Checked the same assy on another workstation Win7 with 96GB memory and saving took also ages..  ST9/MP3


Got my modifications done.. but it took more time than expexted due to these delays...


Anyone out there with an idea what could be wrong ?


Thanks in advance for your help,



Jan Bos

Emmen, The Netherlands

User since V3.5 beta testing ST10










Re: Very slow performance ST9 MP6


Just to let you know that I have solved my problem...


I have removed ST9 and ST10... removed them from registry... reboot and reinstalled ST9.


Clean install   load 8 sec.  save 8 sec.

ST9 MP6  load 8 sec.  save 8 sec.

Dual install ST10 build .78  load 8 sec.  save 8 sec.


Somehow I have corrupted my installation.. re-installing solved it..