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Video Demonstration needed concerning Solid Edge vs Solid Works




Are there any "Video Demonstrations" showing what is Solid Edge able to do, and what Solid Works can't do?





Re: Video Demonstration needed concerning Solid Edge vs Solid Works


We have people who know both products pretty well. SolidWorks can't touch anything in the Synchronous Technology side of things. Do you have any specific questions?

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Re: Video Demonstration needed concerning Solid Edge vs Solid Works


Someone ask me about a short video up to 5 minutes maximum demonstrating the power of Solid Edge vs Solid Works.

I am working with Solid Edge ST6 but I have no experience with Solid Works, so I will not be able to help them.

Re: Video Demonstration needed concerning Solid Edge vs Solid Works



I think this is a pretty broad scope and could be skewed by POV of either product without a specfic workflow or design need.  I think you need to strive to accomplish the same end goal in each but utilize each software in it's own right to really show anythign here.  Anyone can show you smoke and mirrors... and make one look better than the other.


I have demo'd Solid Edge many times to people comparing Sovlid Edge Vs. brand X and can honeslty say that most had jaw drop moments throughout differnt workflows in the demo that are very real world applications.


As mentioned Synchronous stands alone, there is no need to show brand X becasue non do Syncronous.  Now some will show you sync like moves but non have the intelligence behind them.  Maybe a stand alone Sync demo or Hybrid modeling approach demo in SE is enough becasue it honesntly is in a class of its own.


If you give us a specfic task I beleive many here can show time tested Soldi Edge workflows that are robust, efficient and streamlined.  then you can ask a SW user to accomplish the same task for you...   For example;  are you only designing a pc part or design with Top/Down design approach.  THe tools with which you design in context of the assembly are very important if you do Top/Down vs the tool set needed if only designing stand alone part.  OR part vs Sheet metal.  or Drafting...  Each of these has very specfic tool sets....  How about, Xpress Route, Harness, Frame, ERA, Simulation...   or availible PDM...


There are many many many sides to consider when asked to look at different CAD systems...

For 15 years I have used Solid Edge and been asked to consider/comapre brand X....   Solid Edge has always came out on top...


Re: Video Demonstration needed concerning Solid Edge vs Solid Works

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Honored Contributor

There is no sutch thing as a "What it can do" Video. To put things in perspective there are three Major Mid range modeling packages: Solid Edge, Solid Works, and Inventor.


All can do about the same stuff in the end, each has strong and weak points.

One thing to consider is:

Solid Edge is Siemans (like saying GE for USA)

Solid Works is DSS (French)

Inventor is AutoDesk (USA)


I used Solid works for about two years. Hated every moment of it. Easy to get started, A million work arounds to get things done right.

I have tried inventor, AutoDesk is full on them selves, won't help people, and uses crazy terms to descripbe things increasing the learning curve.

Solid Edge is the most recently re-written around it's core, and within a few years will be consitered Mature.

Soid works is just about to get a complete re-write and are dragging there feet with the "Go" command to start the re-write.


Syncranis is just a way of working directly on a perasolid (think of that as DXF for 3D) and is much like workin in Rhino although it's not intended for reverse engineering.


I picked it because Solid edge does a decent job of sheet metal. Also, the upgrade costs and paths are well worked out in a usable way. I found a way of working in Solid edge I had been seeking for years....plane controls. but thats another can of worms.


The only thing you can do is go to you tube and watch stuff on all three.