Weight - Error: No reference

I am getting the "Error: No reference" display for my part weights on some of my drawings. These were all created from the same template so I'm not sure why it's happening to some and not others. I can update the views and it will update the weight but if you close the drawing and open again it's back to the error. The properties are up to date on the .par file. I just can't figure out why the drawings keep reverting back to the error? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've spent WAY to much time trying to figure this out.

I'm running ST5






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Do the parts have a raw material assigned?

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Yes, they all have STEEL as the material and the mass is updated in the Physical Properties.


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In ST7, I have to work my way down the chain. Sub assemblies don't automatically update weight. I have to go down into each assembly and force it to Inspect Physical Properties.

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Thanks for the tip but these are individual parts.

I'm about ready to manually type the weight in so I quit getting calls asking me about the weights of parts.

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@12GAGE do you have the Update on file save option set?

@JGUN I am not sure why some work, and others don't. It sounds like you have checked the raw material, confirmed the Physical Properties, and you are using the same callout on the drawing.

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If you go into your .psm, .par, and .asm templates and turn on the Update on file save in the Physical Properties, you just have to save your model and it will display your mass on your draft.

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I have every possible kind of update turned on. Update when save, Automatic updates, and if there are any others like that I have turned them on if I found them.


I suspect this is a similar problem to another I had with annotation labels. The cause of those problems is when I turn a single part into an assembly for part number and drawing management. Then assemble those single parts into sub assemblies, then assemble every possible combination into a product of some kind.

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12GAGE - have you tried using Physical Properties Manager - like property manager but displays material, mass etc for assembly/sub-assembly/parts. Updates immediate and lower levels.

I wouldn't use it in really big assemblies though as it can take a while to load if you do.

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