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Weird cutting plane (draft) problem



I need to place a cutting edge (for a section view), 25 mm. from the end of my part, but Solid Edge change the dimensions to 50% of the correct value.


See video:


I can probably just type "12,5" in the example video above, but that just feels wrong - to type a false value.


Re: Weird cutting plane (draft) problem

It seems, that the cutting plane calculates its position in function of your actual scale 1:2



Re: Weird cutting plane (draft) problem

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What's the scale of the view? With sections Edge uses the sheet dimension, not model dimensions in these cases. So it multiplies the dimension by view scale. You can easily see this by changing the view scale then editing the section line. The dimension you place and gets recalculated is the correct dimension in terms of the model at its scale.

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Re: Weird cutting plane (draft) problem

Hi there,


If you need an exacting location for section lines, I normally just use relationships when drawing the cutting plane profile, but have also used sketch geometry placed within "Draw In View", then locating the cutting plane profile to match that sketch, with relationships as needed.

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Re: Weird cutting plane (draft) problem

The relationship idea was great, worked perfectly Smiley Happy