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I may be new to the Solid Edge Community, but I am a long time CAD and Siemens PLM guy.  I want to take a moment to personally welcome you to the Solid Edge Community. This community exists for you, so please let us know how we can continue to improve it. The community consists of several areas:


Forum: A place for users to interact and ask/answer questions about related topics. Frequented by Solid Edge employees when definitive answers are needed.


Blog: Articles on a variety of topics by a variety of authors. Interact in the comments for each article.


Knowledge Base: a searchable repository for presentations and special information


We have made this place for you, so we hope that you will benefit from it as much as possible. Whether you seek answers or connections, you’ll find both here. The more you participate, the more value you’ll find.




John Miller
Senior VP of Mainstream Engineering

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I wonder if SE development peruses these pages? It seems to me there is a lot of feedback herein which they might find useful

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP7 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Welcome from the new guy

YES!  development is amungst us...  they are watching...  and from time to time they do chime in...

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Hello again.  I think more than just development watch this.  I am here for the entire Solid Edge Business, and I think folks from Marketing, Sales and other parts of the company are also listening.



John Miller
Senior VP of Mainstream Engineering

Re: Welcome from the new guy

Great to see you check in to the community. Curious to know if you are aware of the situation with CAMWorks for Solid Edge. We have not heard for many months just when there will be a working version for ST7 and it is very discouraging.

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Hi John,

  Once again welcome to the community. Just curious to know if your desire to communicate with us was sincere or just some words thrown out there. Since your first post some time back there has been just this one. Karsten Newbury was here all the time with a sincere desire to find out what we thought. I can't say the same for you and so I ask. What are your real desires for SE users and what do you want to see happen in the future.  What are your goals and plans for us and what areas do you see that will be improved upon. I know you can't speak of specifics but generalities, Like Karsten used to do would be fine. You know you have to talk to us at some time.  SE can't just drift along with a new leader that can't be bothered to find out what makes us tick and thrive.


  Do you have any desire to know your users? There is only one way to do so and it is in direct interaction. I hope to see your personal response here.


  We knew and trusted Karsten and he made sure we knew what he intended for us as SE users and customers. We know nothing of you or from you for quite some time now and is this all we have to look forward to from the New Guy?