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Welcome to the Solid Edge Student Edition Forum!

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Community Manager

This forum is dedicated to supporting those of you who are using the Solid Edge Student Edition. Of course, we welcome everyone to join in on the discussions.


If you have questions or comments about other areas of Solid Edge, you can share those in our Solid Edge Forum. Feel free to take a look through the posts there, as they are a great source of knowledge and best practices from expert CAD users around the world.


If you’re an educator, head over to the Academic Forum for special access and content designed just for you!


If you’re new to the community, welcome! You may want to take a look through some of these resources before you get started…

You will find the community rules of participation here.

If you have general questions or comments about the community, please share those to the General Forum. You can also reach out directly to me via private message.

If you have suggestions on how to improve the community, please share them on the Community Suggestions board. We welcome your feedback.


Other than that, simply jump in and have fun!


Re: Welcome to the Solid Edge Student Edition Forum!

Thanks, @AmyReyes!


...and Welcome Students,  I am not a student but do frequent these forums; as you will find do many other "professional", passionate, and knowledgeable Solid Edge users with years of real-world Engineering experience.   We all look forward to supporting you and your learning... both in Solid Edge and in your Engineering endeavors as a whole.


Might we ask you a favor when you 1st post...   Please introduce yourself!  We would love to know who you are, where you are going to school, what your area(s) of study are, otherwise related info, and most important: Some background on your individual experience Engineering and with CAD in general.  This will help us in our replies to not take some things for granted and leave out small steps that otherwise seem generally understood by more "seasoned" (otherwise read "OLD") users.


When possible please post picture(s) or video clip... and note what version of Solid Edge you are running, which Windows OS, and basic PC Hardware specs.


Welcome, DO NOT BE SHY...   no questions are dumb or silly... 




Matt Johnson
Solid Edge Certified Professional (ST7 & ST8)
Solid Edge ST9 (SEEC) - Production
NX11 (Tc Integration) Pre-Production Testing
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