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This isn't really so much a software question, though I suppose it can be.

So we have this customer, and though their drawings generally look good visually, theres always a bunch of mistakes we have to find and figure out, no biggie. So but we've kind of determined that the owner of this customer is getting frustrated with us constantly calling or emailing with questions, related to their mistakes, most likely because he drew these and takes it personally.


So that's why I can't ask the customer this.


Does anybody know what the '0' and the '1' represent in the tail of this symbol?

and to make this software related, anybody know how to get edge to show these digits in the symbol?

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it is easy. Open properties of weld symbol in draft (or in asm for Weld symbol).

Type desired information into right box next to image of weld symbol (see the pics.)


Unfortunately I do not know what informations represents.



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12 years of doing fab design, never seen anything like that.

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What you could do is ask the customer what dimensions and welding symbol standards they are drafting to and to provide a copy of those standards to clarify.  That or when you know what standard they state they are following go purchase your own copy.  Either way, if the schema used doesn't match the standard they claim to be following...

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I have never seen a symbol with the 0 & 1 like that before.


I would also point out that the size of the fillet is not defined. Perhaps the intent is to place as a large of a fillet as the joint will allow, but I don't like to leave a weld open to interpretation like that. 

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I would also put the question up on in the welding thread or drafting thread.  I've never seen these in a welding symbol either.  Here's the link:



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I have no idea what that might mean. I've never seen the tail used that way. It's possibly an internal standard of their own.

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This is a guess, but from the picture, the weld needs to be all around the tube and a seal weld. I would assume 1= all of the connection 0 = nothing. So the other guess of the largest fillet I believe is right and I would add that 1 is the equivalent of 12-12 or 12" of weld every 12 inches. It's very common to see say 1-6 or 1" of weld every 6". They may do this with a 0-1 value or a normalized percent of the contact to be welded.


For a reel answer, you have no choice but to ask the company.

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My understand is that the Tail can contain anything.  It is suplemental to the symbol to be useed for additioanl instructions or refrence to other documentation.  It may be used to specify what filler rod to use or an internal specification document or other information.  That being said, you will definetely need to have the company that defined the symbol define the annotation used.


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