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What determines a large DFT file size on a blank document?


Hello all,


I have a blank DFT file that for some reason has a 4 MB file size (it's used for opening DXF flats).


It's entirely blank. No data on any tab, no data on backgroun tab, no hidden views, no hidden sheets, no drawing border, no images, no drawings, no information in any layer.


Yet for some reason the file size is 4MB. Has anyone encountered this before? 


Betreff: What determines a large DFT file size on a blank document?

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

HI @User_Error




if the draft itself already has a size of 4MB then definitefely is something inside it.



So if You don't see anything this doesn't mean that there is nothing.


Take a look onto the background sheets wether there is geometry.

Take a look to the blocks wether there are stored any of them.


If You want a real empty draft template then start with a symbol draft and onto that built Your own template


Also delete all unused format styles

Everything what You do not want to use should be deleted first.

Everything what is not available will not be used later!


The size of 4MB IMHO indicates a picture somewhere in the back (block, etc.)




Re: What determines a large DFT file size on a blank document?


A great tool, Structured Storage Viewer, will show you all the stores and streams in a compound file (the type all SE files are)  and would give you a quick idea of where the data bloat might be from.  I would not modify the file from SSV as there is a good chance the changes will corrupt the file integrity, it should give you a place to look.


link to download:


screen shot of one of our >4MB draft files open in SSV.  Some have an embedded image, note the size of the highlighted storage.


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