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What is a PR?

Hello to everyone. I'm following the SE forum since 3 months, and I often see posts about PR *numbers*, and also in the guide about SE maintenance packs.


I imagine they are something about a problems or operations, but I'm not sure about that.

Last but not least, how I can identify the PR in the program?


Thank you in advance!


Re: What is a PR?

A PR is a problem report generated by GTAC usually from an "IR" (incident report) sent in by a user.

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Re: What is a PR?

@STCimola You as a user with paid up maintenance can report issues with Solid Edge to your reseller/var who is paid to support you.  If the issue is a functionality gap or bug in the software, they will contact the support group at Siemens PLM (GTAC) who will create an Incident Report (IR).  If the IR is found to be a bug, it is converted to a Problem Report (PR) if none exists or will be attached to an already existing PR.  If the IR is found to be a request to add or change functionality, then it will be converted to and Enhancement Request (ER) if none exist or attached to an already existing ER.


It is not possible to see other customers IR/PR/ER entries but sometimes customers may post information about them here to either garner support in the case of an ER or help others with difficult to reproduce issues in the case of a PR.


Enhancement Requests (ER) are interesting as there are many factors for getting it considered for inclusion into the product.  One factor is popularity and Siemens uses the number of companies that ask for the same thing as a metric for consideration.  People will sometimes post an ER number and description and ask other to contact their reseller/var and ask them to log an IR asking to be added to the ER to boost that metric.


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Re: What is a PR?

Pefect explination Grundey,


Siemens is better than AutoDesk and DSS because of this, for mid range modeling software.



Re: What is a PR?

Very exaustive, thank you very much!