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When i save, Items are moving out of outside and moving inside when start distance measuring


1. When I use measuring (distance between) objects my whole area shifts
this happen when i measure corner or edge to center point if that center point
off like 10" all work saved moves that same amount I have some ojects
move from inside to the outside and auto dinemison is off
2. my smart dimenison work for a week then stoped working then
it start working again stopped again
3 I removed and restalled 4 times this has not helped
I never had a problem with 2d free v.20 But I have use more in the later verison
4. I send attach file were I used(distance between)meaesure from top edge to the
center square on left this move my ojects bottom
3 gone on outside top 3 move away of edges far it happen top to bottom and bottom to right have not notice left to right
or right to left
I have HP Pavilion
Windows XP SP3
AMD Athlon XP3200
1.43 Gbits Ram
Replaced with new harddrive
Dan from Chicago, IL