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When saving draft to DWG, text to maintain color?

Good morning everyone,


The first screenshot is the draft file and the 2nd screenshot is the dwg file. Does anyone know how we can get the engraving to display as yellow in the dwg? In the draft the engraving is a property text callout. It's not an etch feature in the 3D part.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Kind regards,
Theodore Turner

Re: When saving draft to DWG, text to maintain color?


Hi @TheodoreTurner


I see 2 solutions


First, add a proper etch to the 3D part - the best option

Second, change the properties of the flat using the Laser Machine software when creating the nests.




Production: SE ST10 MP7

Re: When saving draft to DWG, text to maintain color?


agreed that making an etch in the 3D model is best option.

if you do that the options in the "Save As Flat" will give you ability to set a color to the etching

see attachment.  


Otherwise when saving the DFT file to a DXF or DFT go thru the options and set the Yellow color to a specific Solid edge line width.   Then ensure your Solid edge callouts that will be etched are set to that specific line width.  Note everything with that line width will be eported to that color.

Cory M
Solid Edge ST10
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Re: When saving draft to DWG, text to maintain color?


An option that I have been using lately to get .DWG & .DXF drawings to look like my SE files quickly and easily is to ditch the color to weight mapping all together.


If you go to save as .DWG or .DXF and choose options, when you get to this page, just remove the check from "Do Width to Color Mapping". Your saved DWG or DXF will have exactly the same colors as your SE drawing without having to mess around with line weight mapping which I always find a pain.


Of course it is dependent upon what you want/need out of the DWG or DXF.





Bob Henry
REH Technical Consulting
Canonsburg, PA 15317