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When will Solid Edge start using multiple Cores


The big question for all Solid Edge users.

Most of us users have multiple core processors (my pc has 12 cores!), and only one of them is being used by Solid Edge.

This is not only realy frustrating, but working in decent assemblies is very very time-consuming.


It feels like driving in a ferrari within a 20 mph zone......


Please design team ... this should be your priority, before you invent new features.


Good luck


Re: When will Solid Edge start using multiple Cores


Draft and Rendering do use multiple cores.


But from what's been told before is that using it with other emvironments is very complicated, since splitting up a single task (command) is not as simple as one would think.


I'm sure Development would love to have this.... and I don't know of any other CAD application that does.


So you must ask Santa....


Merry Christmas!

Re: When will Solid Edge start using multiple Cores

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Unlike FEA and Rendering, most operations in CAD are not parallelizable, as Bob says. Our experience has been to work on the root issue (what is too slow) rather than the soluion (multiple cores). 


So that is the root question. Please use this form:


"When I do XXX, it takes YYY, which is too slow". 


Provide your top 3 examples and we'll go from there.



Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: When will Solid Edge start using multiple Cores

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom

I often work with 15000+ part assemblies and find that Solid Edge is waiting for my brain to catch up rather than the other way round.


However if you find yourself working over a slow saturated network with older 32bit hardware with limited RAM, then things will be frustrating.


As Dan said examples with this type of request examples of exactly what you are facing will help this community help you.