Where Can I find and download Solid Edge Macros?



I have been searching for useful Macros to use within Solid Edge following a visit to the SE university event where they showcased an area where the community would upload and share macros but I haven't been able to find the area where this is possible. 


Any help with this would be much appreciated!





Re: Where Can I find and download Solid Edge Macros?

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Hi George:


The Solid Edge Apps Marketplace is perhaps the one that was mentioned during SEU last year and also the one you want to see.


Another site to download free Apps for Solid Edge is my site here.


Some other sites to download SE macros are:

Modell Styler


~Tushar Suradkar

Solid Edge Users Facebook Group


Re: Where Can I find and download Solid Edge Macros?

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This is by far the thing I dislike about SE the most, the way simple things that could have been done in a .lsp in autocad become totally locked down and a pita to create and find in SE. Often the macro I do find was made by someone who has no desire to maintain the code for newer versions or even respond to questions or feature requests and usually the source code wasn't posted. This results in a reinventing of the wheel over and over and over with a no good sources or references to existing methods.


Thankfully the community does have a few people who have gone out of their way to help the rest of us like hawcad and tushar.



Why this bothers me is technically per my companies IT security requirements I can not download any program I do not have the source code for to provide to our IT infosec guys. The cad .lsp files didn't technically count but when it comes to SE the files are .exe and thus do count as they can do things outside of the sandbox of solidedge.

Re: Where Can I find and download Solid Edge Macros?

AutoCAD has 5 languages of code users can apply to it, is backward compatible, and tens of thousands of commands.


SE is not backward compatible, Not easily customized, and much fewer commands. This makes SE nimble and able to upgrade modeling at a reasonable cost. I like that things are updating quickly and easy to use.

Re: Where Can I find and download Solid Edge Macros?

In case you were not aware, there are some macros that can be used or expanded upon that install with Solid Edge in the install folder, for example:

C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST8\Custom

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