Where are the directory settings?

I'm planning a move oh 50,000 inter related files from my local hard drive to a server because we are getting a server that can handle CAD and adding a second user.


Where are the settings controlled for the search path of assemblies finding parts. Folder/container/drive/whatever. I will generically call this the "pointers"


The files are unmanaged but they are set up so that some parts are used in 1000's of other files. Also 1000's of files have the same name because projects get copied and adjusted just in different directories. It would not be practical to move all the files w/ revision manager.


What is the path of least resistance to move the files in this situation? I assume the best I can do is manually copy all the files and adjust the pointers. So the main question is, where are the pointers controlled in general? 


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The best option is to use the Redifine Links utility in Design Manager.  It allows you to run it on unmanaged files and change the root path of where parts look for their components.



Old Path = C:\SE_files\Projects\...

New Path = \\servername\sharename\Projects\...


So in Redefine Links you would put the old path as "C:\SE_Files\Projects" and the new path as "\\servername\sharename\Projects" and when ran it would fix all links to point to the new location.


If the relative paths are still intact between the files, they should all still resolve fine, but best to redefine them so there is no question about it. Example:  If all your subfolders and files where located below "Projects" in both the old storage location and the new storage location, then the Relative Paths are still intact.


This is pretty easy to test.  Just copy all the folders/files to your new server and open a big assembly from the new location in Design Manager and see what paths it's referencing...



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Re: Where are the directory settings?

It would not be practical to run design manager starting from 8000 draft files I have created over the past three years. Especially since 75% of them will never get looked at again. I just never know what 25% are going to get reordered or require updates.


But the question still stands. I know there is a place where the term "Container" etc is defined, I just don't know where that is. 


I understand that if I have issues, as I work on revising older projects I can straighten them out using revision manager.


what I am afraid of is that I will be opening files on the server, and the parts on the server will by updated over time, but when I open an assembly, it could find the files on my local machine before it finds the other copy of the file on the server. I will be keeping both in place durring the transition in case problems  come up.

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@12GAGE, Redefine Links is a batch process.  You point it to the root folder containing all your SE files on the new server and it just updates them all fairly quickly.  You do not need to interactively open each file.


If you are:

  • Keeping the file names the same
  • Keeping the subfolder names the same
  • Copying a root folder that all the SE files and subfolders containing SE files are in

Then you can use Redefine Links or not even have to worry about it because the LinkMgmt.txt file (which is what you are talking about) will already address this as the default entries below will take care of it because first the folder containing the parent will be searched, then the relative folder path will be searched, and only then if the first two fail will it revert to the absolute full path (which Redefine Links will resolve if you are fearfull of it using data in the old location).




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Re: Where are the directory settings?

Ah ha. I looked up "Redefine links" in help.


It never occured to me to look for a menu option inside the software to effect 1000's of file not currently open inside the software.


Thank you.

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