Where can i find some standart part?

Hello everyone,


I'm learning how to use solid edge and i wioll have a few question and i hope to find some help here.


I did the few first tutorial and everything went fine.

No i'm trying to draw some part  but i would like to know if there is some standart part i could find.

I already have the standart part library but there is some item i would like that are not in there.


I'm working in metal and i'm looking for standart steel tubing.

something like  square tube from 2" x 2" up to 10" x 10" 

In the standart part library there is some but they are not the right dimension. i tough i could just change the dimension but when i try, it said there are conflict with relationship. i tought i could change the relationships in the live rules but they don't appear....



So what is the easiest way to get what i want? ( square and rectangular steel tube )  Should i just draw them from sketch or is there another way to do this?



Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english..

Thank you



Re: Where can i find some standart part?

Hi there,


How will you be using the tubing within Solid Edge? "Frame" for use in assembly, or just to model your own parts??

Either way, you are most likely going to have to draw the items [which is what I do] you want, if they don't exist in the package you have....however, there are some external sources such as CADENAS, but not sure if they'll have what your looking for.


My steps:

create a protrusion using a rectangle by center [add dimensions] > add rounds > create thin wall [with open ends]

NOTE: if a new frame component is needed, the profile must be made using a single profile sketch [including wall thickness and radii], then extrude to complete.

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Re: Where can i find some standart part?

Thank you for your answer. 

I'm not sure i understand what you mean by "frame" 

i'm using french version and i guess that the fonction don't have the same name



i learn to draw with sketchup, and do this couln't be more simple. 

just click import 3d, search for what you need and it ditrectly import in sketchup.

for this kind of tubing, you download a cross section for extrusion and voila, you just need to extrude it. 

Is there a place where i could download cross section like these for solid edge?


I found all standard tubing at grabcad website :

This would have been great, all the seize are there. 

But i can't open these with solid edge.  


So i guess the only option i have is to draw it myself. 

Thank for your help

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Hi there,


Solid Edge, in fact most others MCAD programs too, is much more complex than how sketch up is intended to be used, and requires a very specific set of things to occur, in order to be used in the context of a mechanical 3D design model or assembly of models.

I can only suggest you maybe need to do a few more of the tutorials in order to grasp the way the software is intended to be used...or watch some of the many You Tube videos of Solid Edge being used, to see the common work flows.


This video should explain what I meant by "Frame"


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Design Manager Streetscape Limited
Solid Edge ST10 [MP0] Classic [x2 seats]
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Re: Where can i find some standart part?

There is a Standard Parts Library available for Solid Edge that provides that kind of stuff.  Depending on your license, it may be included and just needs set up.


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Re: Where can i find some standard part?

If I recall correctly, and it has been a long time since I looked at these standard parts, they are often driven from the variable table. If there are relationships in the variable table driving the part, you need to edit it in the table rather than try to edit the dimension directly to change the profile. This could explain the issue with the error you mentioned.


I saw this happen a long time ago with fasteners that came from the old, original parts library that has since been replaced.


Tubing standard parts are likely OK, but I have never been able make use of the standard parts for channels and such because they are not accurate shapes. Over the years I have accumulated a collection of the structural shapes we use regularly and just save them as 12" long templates. Then you can just open them, give them a new name, and change the length and add cutouts as required.


Or, as others have mentioned, use them for frames which I think is an often overlooked and very powerful feature of Solid Edge.




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Re: Where can i find some standard part?

Thank you gys for your answer.


You were right rehenryjr, they are driven from the variable table



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yes i know,my error.