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Where did my Model and Pages Go??!??

When I quit and saved my file, the last view that seemed to be open as it
closed was a block. When I reopen, all I see is the block. My 2d model &
sheets are nowhere to be found! I can "return" from the block editor, and it
leaves the area that would normally have the tabs to access the model and
pages blank. I Checked all the options under view- background, 2d, and
working sheets, but nothing appears
If I insert a sheet. I can go though the process to insert a drawing view,
and as I do that, my model is there to select. When I select the area to
view, I get a large black rectangle. For a moment I saw the tabs of my views
and mdel, bet the can't be selected.
How can I restore this file to normal?

Re: Where did my Model and Pages Go??!??

There is a known problem with saving a draft file while in block edit. The
sheet tabs go away. This will be fixed in the next release which will be
delivered later this year. you can avoid this by always exiting the block
view edit environment before saving the file.
If you will email the file directly to me, I can have someone fix the file.
Rick B.