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Where did "custom axis" (in live rules) go in ST6?


I'm trying to work through the SPSE01525 exercises for ST5 "creating face relationships" the activity on page 17
I'm supposed to click the "custom axis" button in live rules so all 4 holes remain aligned but where the symbol is shown in the illustration, instead I have "maintain canted coplanar axes" with a different symbol (and it doesn't seem to do what I need). There is no trace of "custom axis" there or in the command finder or in help. I'm guessing that it was replaced with another rule in ST6 but without knowing what to look for I can't find it. Can anyone help? I'm fairly sure I've followed the instructions carefully.


Re: Where did "custom axis" (in live rules) go in ST6?

You are 100% CORRECT! Custom axis was indeed replaced with canted coplanar in ST6.