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Who works with electrical assemblies (residential/industrial) with Solid Edge?


I think I've asked this in a different way, but nobody replied. Looking for some information on how someone else works with all the details involved with modeling the components that get wired to a load center(s) and how you capture all the information for a BOM. We do this with sheet metal enclosures, with a large range of sizes and complexity.


Load centers, receptacles, lighting, hvac, security, fire, conduit, wires, connectors, bushings, nipples, etc.......


By far the most detailed part of all our processes, and one that seems to have the most "issues".


Re: Who works with electrical assemblies (residential/industrial) with Solid Edge?

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Mid range mech modelers are not used to model civil electrical that often. If you really need it, you start making parts and poulating them as desired.


Most of the time there is no money in creating electrical models. They get diagrams that are line drawings or from an electrical software



This is what Autodesk Architectual and REVIT are for from autodesk.