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Why does ST7 STILL not clean up hooks to folders?


Solid Edge is still not very good about releasing files/folders. Example scenario:


-I open part X in Solid Edge. I close part X. Solid Edge itself remains open. (For this behavior, it doesn't even matter whether part X has been saved or not.)

-I attempt to move the network folder that part X is located in, but I cannot, because Windows tells me another program has part X open. Note that it does not actually specify Solid Edge!

-I close Solid Edge, even though no files are open

-I can now instantly move the folder that contains part X with zero problems. 


What is going on here? What is not released/cleaned up upon a file close event, that IS cleaned up with the closure of the Solid Edge application itself?

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Why does ST7 STILL not clean up hooks to folders?

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

To me, this appears to be a CPU cycle issue as the folder are eventually released, but can take up to 5 min to be complete. I believe they only check this status once every few min rather than when the model updates.