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Will Solid Edge have a browser CAD version (module)?

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Valued Contributor

With  CAD software (Onshape, SolidWorks Xdesign, and Fusion 360) having CAD in a web browser, I wanted to know if Solid Edge has any plans (already in development) of a browser based version?


We have a seat of Onshape and it does have advantages when I can log on to any computer (any PC based,mac, or even a chrome book, ipad, smart phone) and get work done. Also having the ability to have CAD on my smart phone does have advantages as well. I don't think I see myself doing a complex project on my phone but I have been able to make small design changes like adding chamfers, rounds, and changing hole sizes on the fly while visiting a customer using Onshape mobile app. Saves time by making changes right there and not having to place a mark up and then wait till I get back to a computer to make the change. 


I like Solid Edge portal but I am looking to do CAD design and not just viewing and mark up.


Any Plans????






Betreff: Will Solid Edge have a browser CAD version (module)?

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @mezcofab 



maybe I'm in fault, but I believe that there already was such a solution a couple of years ago.


But I never has put to much  interest to it and did not follow to that developments.

Maybe there are people here, better able to give the right answers.



Betreff: Will Solid Edge have a browser CAD version (module)?


I believe they demoed it a few years ago like @hawcad said. I think if you follow the links from the website to the SE Free Trial, it's an online version of SE using that technology.


Having said that, it's really the desktop version running a cloud Virtual Machine, rather than a true cloud app. There's pros and cons to that, but it's not 'like' Onshape if you're expecting that.


Depending on the size of your business and IT infrastructure, you can build this yourself. In our company, about 40% of users use Solid Edge on a Citrix VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) using Nvida Grid shared graphics card and can access it with a remote desktop client or website. It works pretty well, and lets me use a fairly cheap and light laptop with no onboard graphics and do proper full CAD, even across the world.


I do not believe Siemens are developing a web-app based Solid Edge akin to Onshape or Fusion 360.

Re: Will Solid Edge have a browser CAD version (module)?

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Gears Phenom



We've already discussed about this here:

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