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Win 10 update causing SE9 crash

We had a problem today with SE9 crashing in assembly mode. We called the VAR and they had us delete the regestry entries but the problem came back. We noticed there was a new update, we rolled it back and now it seems to be working. It's a little tricky to roll back the update beecause you have to shut off auto-update and that is very well hidden now.


Has anyone else had the same problem?



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Re: Win 10 update causing SE9 crash

Hi @lking,


Not seeing that issue here, Larry.


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Re: Win 10 update causing SE9 crash

The problem arose in connection with the Win10 Update.
It was not automatically updated when you release it to show the Part Libruly window.
This occurred after a Windows update.
People also do not use any window to hide the problem? ...
Clearly there is a problem regarding the Update.

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‎11-09-2016 09:29 AM

Re: Win 10 update causing SE9 crash

We ended up "re-setting" Win 10. Winspeak for disk wipe and reinstall, but now they have an app that does it for you. It changed the CID for the SE license so we had to get a new license file.

Using SE since V12, 2002