Window Close Button Missing

We just installed ST9 MP4 on a Windows 10 machine, and I notice the close window button is not visible.  Also the show hide button for the menus doesn't show up.  The functionality is still in that area, it's just that the buttons are not showing.  Any ideas?


Re: Window Close Button Missing

Hi @mdamson,


Video card driver, to suit Win10, maybe...?

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Re: Window Close Button Missing

Could it be the light color scheme?

Try a dark one. Options>Helpers


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I thought of that too, but it didn't change anything.  ST9 sure seems to have a lot of issues that seem to revolve around video display.

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It's got a lot of issues period.

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Sorry to say, but ST9 has a lot of issues. If I weren't so busy I could post an IR twice a day with silly stuff. I probable have to restart SE 5 times a day to get the graphics to behave. Things like selecting parts... nothing highlights. Holes and features too.


The reason it's not worth reporting these things is GTAC wants the model. But once you close and reopen an Assembly or Part these things seem to fix themselves.... well until it happens again.


PLEASE make ST10 better behaved!

Re: Window Close Button Missing

I have the non highlighting issue on one of our machines as well.  This user's problem was that he had two monitors hooked up and when he turned off one of them in the operating system, that problem went away, but he now isn't able to use the dual monitor setup.

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Yes, and I have a 4K monitor, so it appears that Solid Edge and nVidia have issues to resolve. The other thing I do constantly is use the Ctrl U command or SAVE in order to get things back to normal. Many times if I click on a hole that's been recently moved, it highlights (ghosted) in the old place, and only by saving can I continue to work. So there's a problem with updating SE from the graphics card.

Re: Window Close Button Missing

ST9 Break Lines and especially Inherited break lines are a total disaster. MP3 made a halfhearted fix to them, but in no way do they work as they did in ST8 or earlier.


Crate Alignment, Keypoint seems to be involved.

This has decreased productivity for myself and team substantially.


Copy and Paste text has a known and acknowledged issue in that copied text changes size in some instances. If they can't get copy & paste text right, what else is problematic that we don't know about.


Is there any way of seeing known issues at a centralized location? Marketing department would probably not allow something like this though.


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Re: Window Close Button Missing

We have seen break line issues from old prints (St6) when opened in ST9 MP4 usually when we have multiple breaks on a view.


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