Windows Folder Redirection

I have enabled folder redirection via GPO. I have redirected every folder I can. Since doing this users have complained that solid edge performance has decresed. The only thing solid edge related that I can see in the users profile is "c:\users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Unigraphics Solutions\Solid Edge"

This is also a small folder around 150MB. I have redirected this folder back to the local machine and still have performance issues. I have tried to look at all open files and cant see anything that is accessing one of these redirected folders. Has anyone else had issues with Sold Edge and windows folder redirection?


Win 7 ent, fully patched


Redirected folders on local network with 1G connection


Re: Windows Folder Redirection

There are some users reporting slowdowns suddenly with ST7, so perhaps the redirected folders are not the actual culprit.



See this thread for a general rundown of symptoms, as well as a potential partial solution on page 3:

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Windows Folder Redirection

When I look under "Solid Edge Options -File Locations - User templates" it is blank.

Should I reset this location to "c:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST7\Template"?


Re: Windows Folder Redirection

That is not necessary.  If that setting is blank then it is already using that location by default.


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Testing: ST10

Re: Windows Folder Redirection

Another thread is stating that when you located any preferances away fromt he C drive (Defualt locations) that it creates a slow down.


I have found that to be the case with the frame locations and the sheet metal tables.