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Wire frame 3D sketch to FEMAP


Dear all,


For a project i have to calculate the strength of a so called Gantry. I created a wire frame in a 3D sketch and saved the part with sketch as a iges file. During translation i check the box "Export wires and points". I try to open this in FEMAP and this works but the lines are not coorectly constraint with each other.


Does anyone have a solution to get this working? I use this method because i want to use beam elements in FEMAP. What i also like to achieve is a completely correct model so my Structural Engineer does not have to take any actions in FEMAP besides meshing etc.


Thanks in advance,


Kind regards,





Re: Wire frame 3D sketch to FEMAP


Hi Mark, what do you mean when you say the lines are not properly contrained?


Do you mean the lines are not 'connected' to each other? Femap is not an MCAD program like SE so doesn't have mates like you'd be used to. If the ends of two lines are coincident and not connected, what you can do is Tools>Check>Coincident Nodes. This will check for 2 nodes that are in the same point, and then merge them into a single node, therefore connecting the lines.


Note you will have to have generated your nodes & elements before doing this so you're not connecting the lines themselves, rather the nodes of the mesh.