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Wire harness without drive geometry




I have a problem with wire harness module in Solid Edge. Not allweys there are round faces parts to hold wires, in our company wy make some parts witch gooves etc. to put there wiress in them. When i have acess to the files i make in them round surfaces to drive harnes but when i dosnt have acces to the files .... hm there is a problem. Making rute for wiress using points is annoying.


It was a great solution to create circular surfaces to guide wires in assembly environment using part geometry.


Do You have the same problem with this and how You solve it ?

SE ST9 + TC 10.1.7

Re: Wire harness without drive geometry


I second this request/issue.  I had an assembly with wire routed around ceramic rollers, and the only workaround I could find was to model the wire with a 3d sketch and sweep, which was a mess to create and maintain with changes.  Harness would have been nice but it wouldn't let me create a path.

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