Word math

How does one go about merging two variables into a new one.

Say X=F1

and Y=ABCD

I want Z=ABCDF1


Can this be done?


Re: Word math

I've been woundering myself....but did a work around.


I was trying to code in tubing notches ans wanted the following:

Variable name=Notch with a when exposed it would say "Notch AB".


Made some supressable variables and multiplied variable "B" by .1. This would give me an answer of "Notch A.B" was close enough but annoyed the heck out of me.

Re: Word math

I've worked with other softwares that had a Concatenate function for this exact scenario. Perhaps an ER on this?

-Dylan Gondyke

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I already have many ER's going. I'm already on the #$%^ list because I have filed more ER's that any other indevidual.


I was hoping for one of the following:

"This is what the Docment Name Formula is for"

"you use this charactor to do that math"


Assuming that "Document Name Formula" is the only way to get that done. Now I can't find "Document name" available as annotation or within parts lists. Has anybody ever used "Document Name formula" to display information on a draft file?


My goal is to use the result of the "Document name formula" as the name of the part the drawing is about. I.e. I want to show this in the title block of draft and in the BOM where the assembly is used. Yes this can be worked arround by placing the same information into all three locations, but that is a poor way of working that is prone to errors. I try to never put myself into a postion where the same item needs to be edited multiple times.