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Working in simple mode

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Edge users ..
The question is about Simpli mode ...

I want to do a real job in simple mode.
However, the way currently support is to work in design mode
Rounds, holes, etc. are excluded from simple mode.

The way you actually work in Simple mode and move it into Design mode
Is not it possible?

Because there are many rounds and holes, it slows down.
I want to work in simple mode.

Is not there a good way?


Re: Working in simple mode


No, there is no way to modify the 'design' body from within the simplified mode.

You could try just suppressing rounds and holes in the design mode, but you might get unexpected results.

This is where a mixture of sync and ordered could help, as you can do your 'shape' definition modelling in sync, with your rounds and holes in ordered. That might help, but I can't say for certain as I don't really us sync that much.

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Re: Working in simple mode

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Thank you for your reply.

It tends to slow down much because it is trying to express the shape as it is.
Missing holes occur because I try to use it quickly.
A round is a good shape, but it is a cause of slowness.

I want to express the shape properly without slowing down.
I think we should catch two rabbits ...

If there is more holes or more rounds in synchronous
It is much slower than processing the shape of a regular rectangle.

Is there any way to tie the round shape separately?