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Working with .dft files created from SE Draft


I have already read earlier threads stating that free 2D is unable to dimension
views created from 3D geometry; which is one reason I initially installed the
program. I also assumed that I would at least be able to plot .dft files that
I created using SE, however this is not possible since the property text from
the part files is not shown.
Are either of these functions available on the maintenance version of 2D?

Re: Working with .dft files created from SE Draft

It is correct that you cannot dimension to drawing views. The 2D Drafting
software is not intended to be used as an annotation tool for Solid Edge 3D
Models. It can open Draft files that contain drawing views of 3D models. So
you can open the files quickly and print, or you can share the files with
others in your organization or suppliers without translation. The issue with
property text is a bug in the V19 version. It will be resolved in V20.
Rick B.