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Working with imported models in ORDERED

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We working on a project where we have to detail the models. Adding tapes jack screws and ect... to the model. And no, where not doing it in sync, not allowed to. anyways, when adding a jackscrew, drill so dp and then a thread through. If I change the depth of the drill by editing it, it doesn't change the draft. if you edit through Hole Options it will the change the draft.



Re: Working with imported models in ORDERED



I can reproduce this, it seems this is an bug... I suggest asking an IR for this!




Re: Working with imported models in ORDERED

I have also reproduced this problem. It looks like a bug.

If I select parameter Counterbore Depth (%BD), then there is a problem. The drawing is not updated properly. It updates only, if I change this dimension in hole dialog box.


But, if I use exposed variable, then this dimension is updated properly on a drawing:

1. in modeling, I have exposed dimension for head clearance.

2. in drawing, I have used this exposed dimension (index reference) instead of counterbore depth.

3. this exposed parameter was always properly updated, no matter where I have changed the dimension (in dialog box or in graphic window).


But yes, this is not a solution. Maybe it can be a workaround.

The problem should be reported to GTAC.

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Re: Working with imported models in ORDERED

Thanks for the eply guy's. glad to see were not the only onesSmiley Happy