Worksattion for large assemblies

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I'am going to buy new workstation to work with SE ST8/ST9.

Up to this time I worked in SW.  My assemblies are about 4000 up to 10.000 of all parts.

For this assembly is about 500-1500 unique parts. 

Top level assembly is about 700Mb

My current configuration of workstation:

CPU - i7-2600K 3,4Ghz

RAM - 16 GB

win 7

Graphic card : nvidia Quadro 4000

2x SSD - 60GB

1x SSD - 256 GB


When I work with large assemblies on this workstation most of time I'am wasting for waiting (especially when openig , closing and updating projects)

I need new workstation for fluently fast job.

Any suggestions regarding new hardware?



Marcin Suchomski


Re: Worksattion for large assemblies

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I'd say that is already a dream configuration for the range of assembly components used for Solid Edge.

Since you mentioned about waiting times, also consider spending some time quickly reading these helpful tips from Matt about increasing the performance of large assemblies, especially the display settings:


and second part is here:



Re: Worksattion for large assemblies

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Hello Tushar

Thanks for suggestion about tips regarding large assemblies.

Anyway I would like to get some information about hardware configuration.

for example is there any  sense tou install RAid 0 using ssd  drives..?


Re: Worksattion for large assemblies

Hello Marcin:


I bought a laptop few weeks back exclusively for use with Solid Edge ST 8.

It is i7 4810MQ 2.8 Gz with 16 GB RAM

The graphics card is K3100M


I find it exceeding my needs since the largest assembly it handles has 2200 parts, 750 unique parts, 40 sub-assemblies and 5 levels deep. Alas, I come no where close to your range of components.




Re: Worksattion for large assemblies

1. for example is there any  sense to install RAid 0 using ssd  drives..?

2. What minimum RAM You suggest and how much memory for fluently work?

3.. What CPU for fluently work. ( I don't make any rendering jobs. Only designing and  making drawings)

4. Graphic card: nvidia quadro M2000 or quadro M4000?




Re: Worksattion for large assemblies

My suggestion is to go with LARGER SSD drives.  They are fast but from my experience, they loose much of their speed once the disk gets over 50% full.  I feel that 250GB is the smallest to go with.



Re: Worksattion for large assemblies

From my point of view, I would make some more changes.

First of all, the dual 60GB SSD, I guess will be used for OS and software. This will be rather small as Windows is a fatty nowadays. By the way, I would exchange these to a single larger version and simply make regular backups.

For your data, I would go with a classic HDD, alternative a hybrid. Reading the files will be vast enough from most recent HDD’s.

On the video, given your ASM size, a M2000 Nvidia would do.

What can make the difference is RAM. Although SE may not use all, going for 32GB (or even more) will allow you to make a good old RAM-drive to store the TEMP folder. SE will make temporary files for running sessions storing information. Moving these in the RAM-drive will make the system faster.At the same time, just move all the temp files in a RAM-drive.


Obviously, taking in mind the other recommendations on how to use larges ASM’s in SE, good planning regarding updating of DFT files will also keep you from waiting to much.


P.S. what I write here is more or less my laptop configuration (Dell M41800) which can handle (with acceptable response) large assemblies. One of our recent large assemblies included:

- 29000 parts; 681 unique parts

- 685 assemblies; 137 unique assemblies with roughly 1/3 containing weldments

- 6 levels deep with a total file count of 850mb.



Marc Boom /

Re: Worksattion for large assemblies

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Get a BOXX Apex2. 


Hard drive: Get a dedicated raid controller and extreme performance SSD's in a raid 0 configuration for the OS and program. Then use typical 1TB spinners for file storage.


Vid card: Quadro 4200 or better.


RAM: 32 or 64 gigs.


Unrelated to the machine:

the German "DASkeyboard" is the fastest clicky keyboard I have found.

The Logitech mouse drivers allow to to balance speed vs resolution of the mice.


I went a from a Dell T3600 to the Boxx ApexII and the computer is literally 3 times faster.




Re: Worksattion for large assemblies

Just another CAD builder to look at..I ended up going with @Xi as they were local for me.

Re: Worksattion for large assemblies

Durring my initial shop, before ending up with Boxx, Xi was my second choice.