Wrap text in a table

I am trying to format new title blocks for my company and am stuck with the revision block. I am trying to use a table for it but sometimes I need the "Description of Change" column to be multiple lines to capture the change. Is there a way to wrap the text in this column or maybe even put in a bulleted list?


Re: Wrap text in a table

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Maybe more description of the issue is needed as text in a cell wraps for me by default in the table.  You can also force a new line by hoding down the ALT key and tapping the Enter key (just like in Excel).


If you are talking about 2 or more cells for each description under a single rev, then you need to use multiple rows but set your rev or change # culumn to merge vertical cells with the same text.






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Re: Wrap text in a table

I must have changed something that turned off the text wrap while I was configuring the rest of the table. I started it over and now it works fine. I have no clue why. Thanks for the help!