X-Y coordinates input st8 cant understand

Hello, i new at this, but i have already measured and put on paper coordinates x,y for about 50 points, but i really dont know how to put them in solidedge.. can anyone help me? Smiley Happy


Re: X-Y coordinates input st8 cant understand

Where are you trying to put them... Draft or in a Sketch?  Process is roughly the same.

In the Sketching tab of the Ribbon, under the Line command combobox there is a point command.


In the resulting Command Bar for the Point command, there is an X and Y field to enter your coordinates.  Enter in the X, hit the TAB key, enter the Y, hit the TAB key and the point is placed and the command restarted.  Just enter the next set and keep repeating till all entered.


If you search this forum, you may find that someone has authored a VB program to automate this from an Excel worksheet.


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Re: X-Y coordinates input st8 cant understand

hi, thanks for the answer, it does show me the tab with the coordinates, but i i put them there and press tab/enter, it doesnt do anything and i cant put the next point, i guess i missed something..

Re: X-Y coordinates input st8 cant understand

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It could be putting in the points but you don't see them because the default size is miniscule.

In the insert dialog is a width parameter. Make it something like 2.0 or more and you can easily see them. That will become the default for the rest. Unfortunately SE doesn't offer different point styles like AutoCad.

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