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XpresRoute Pipe Fittings not found


Hi fellow SolidEdgers

This is my first ever post, so it might use some wrong kind of words here and there.

I registered because I have a serious problem with placing piping in XpresRoute. Making a path is no problem, and I can add tubes as well, but the program refuses to add fittings, corner pieces,flanges... and gives following warning:

It is weird that the program finds the pipes, but not the fittings, although these are in the same folder on my pc:


The rest of the settings I used when adding the piping are completely standard.
The piping should come in place here:

But what I get is:


Who can help me with this? :-)


Next to this main problem, I have some small questions about piping, as I have never used this tool in a specific problem.
1) Pipes won't be placed on curved line segments, is this normal? If it is, how do I change the curve radius of pipe corners?
2) What is the difference between the 'pipes' and the 'tube' tool?

Thanks a lot in advance, so I can continue this project!

Kind Regards.

I'm using the following software:
SolidEdge V20, license from my university
Windows 8.1


Re: XpresRoute Pipe Fittings not found

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First thing you can check is to make the different 3D lines bigger because I'm not sure there is enough space to put the fittings on this path.

You should let at least a samll posrtion of pipe between each fittings.


If they aren't place with the modified path check out the option selected for the creation of the piping path elspecially the fitting group of command and your pipeclass file that is in the Program Folder of Solid Edge installation.


For your second question, you can't put pipe on curved path, pipes is only for straight pipes and fittings if you want to create curved pipes you can use the tubing command that will create a part or the frame environnement that will not create part but allow to get component lenght in the draft partList.


Hope this will be helpfull.



Romuald BERTIN

Re: XpresRoute Pipe Fittings not found


Hi monsieur Bertin


First of all, I would like to thank you for your quick response. I have seen your message about a day after it was posted, but I didn't reply yet just to try some things out meanwhile instead.


So I followed up your first quick steps: I made the 3D lines bigger, I double-checked the directory with the installed parts. Everything seemed fine.

Later on I reinstalled the whole thing because my folder structure seemed so weird, with a "V7.95 Standard Parts" and a "V8.00 Standard Parts" library both having different part classes. This also had no effect whatsoever.


Eventually, I worked my way around by manually insterting some Tee-parts and Elbow-parts in the assembly. It doesn't look very professional, but it sures does the job. For the case we are working on it doesn't need to be spot-on. Currently, it looks like the picture below...


If anyone would know which further steps I could take to solve the problem, you are every welcome.

Many thanks & kind regards


Current situation:
Manually inserted Tee- and Elbow Parts

 Standard Parts directory