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I currently got an assambly of an instrallation in which pumps, tubes, ect are placed. The piping is made with xpressroute, now i would like to make 2D drawing's (iso draft) of these pipings, i cant figure out a fast and efficient way of making these documents.


Is there a fast way to get these pipes in a 2D drawing?





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Xpressroute just creates a part file, in which the first feature is the pipe/tube. This means you can open it like any other part and add (ordered) features after the tube if you want.  Hence AFAIK, there is no quicker way of drafting it other than as you would do for any 'normal' part.

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Thanks for the response, yes, i am awear that xpressroute makes parts. These parts are splitted up (piping parts, flenses, 90degree corners) of these individual parts i got the option to make a draft. However i would to make draft of the compleet pipe. I hoped there was a possibility for this.

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Create a new Configuration in your assembly showing only your piping, then in Draft place the Assembly and specify the Configuration you created. 


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Is this what you are looking for when you talk about iso drawings from pipes?