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I had a hard time streaming this morning. I had both the Microsoft Event and the SEU19 keynote events running and jumpbing back and forth.


I was hoping since both these events were synched that Solid Edge University might have had the opportunity to demo some of the newly announced Surface line products during there session.


If you don't know there is an update Surface Book with spec's that will blow you away. Here's a link to a webpage that not only shows the devices but appears to have the "tear downs" of the products- you know for use geeks!


There is a new Surface Studio (this one is staring straight at Bob M.) that is an interesting All-in-one whose standing screen folds down to a design surface. You gotta see this beauty! And something that kinda got slipped in was the fact that it has the Xbox One controller function- which means you might be able to stream your games to this beautiful screen.


Then an interesting Surface Dial. Now this is the gadget that is backward compatible to the Surface Pro 3! And if it is programable a great accessory for any CAD system. If it has a Z-axis on it then you have a new "spaceball" or maybe a quick way to access your frequently used CAD functions. I know you can do this by programming the radia popup but this looks like you could load it up with 20+ functions. Now you could build your entire workflow of commands into a radial menu! Keep in mind, the demo's mainly show this sitting on the touchscreen area (identifying the application being used and pulling up some functional menus) BUT this doesn't have to sit on the touchscreen area! And as I mentioned is compatable back to the Surface Pro 3.


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Hey, I just noticed that it looks like NX is running on the Surface Studio! If you take a look at the images you will see an X-ray or maybe a faceted skull. That appears to the NX UI. That's promising that this baby will be able to run CAD!

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I guess this means it's already working!

Setting values inside of NX. Image from Wall Street Journal article.Setting values inside of NX. Image from Wall Street Journal article.

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RyanM wrote:


"There is a new Surface Studio (this one is staring straight at Bob M.) "


Funny... I sent that to my wife yesterday, but not fo me but our younest daughter Gwen, who is graduating college this year.  She's a very talented young lady, and has done numerous graphics projects... all self taught. see her:   Some of this work was for Off Broadway plays in NYC.

She's graduating a year early and was just offered a full ride to get her masters, in exchange tocontinue to do all the graphics for the school Theater program. So even at $3,000 she's earned every bit of hit.

Funny thing she doesn't even like graphics that much... she's a creative writter and wants to produce Animated Children Films.






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Get portfolio! I am drawn to (no pun intended) to "The Tempest" and "Doubt" posters. Creativity truly runs in the family!


Well, with the new Windows 10 Creator update coming. Gwen's dream of creating children's animation is closer to fruition! This indeed would be a great tool for her. I hope your wife agrees!

Best Regards,


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Thank you... My Wife Stacey and I were totally unaware of this talent until she told us what she was doing. She's a funny kid in a good way. What she really excells in is creative writing. So hopefully she can pull the two together and love everything she does for a living.


As you can tell, we are very proud parents... so thanks for indulging.



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Very nice graphical layouts.

Bruce Shand
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OK. Here's a video showing on the Dial is being used in CAD (at the 55 second mark). Much like the scroll wheel on a mouse. The cool thing here is that it projects a digital version of the dial to the screen when it's not sitting on the screen. So a floating radial menu function.

I recall something similar when I was trying to program my MS pen button for pop-up.


Moving the Extrusion direction and depthMoving the Extrusion direction and depth