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background sheet


I am trying to view drawings that have been created in the full version of Solid
Edge Version19 as .dft files on the 2d drafting and althought the drawing displays
and prints fine the background sheet does not the formula driven areas come up with
'Error: No reference' although the general look of the drawing sheet is present
the important information is missing in the display and print.
Can you help I have saved the background file in the template\more folder but this
has not helped.

Re: background sheet

There is a bug in the free version of Solid Edge 2D Drafting V19. It has to
do with property text and the Index Reference option of extracting
properties. An example is %{File Name (no extension)|R1}. The "R1" is the
problem. The callout you see with 'Error: No Reference' most likely has a
reference in it of this type. This has been fixed and will be included in
V20 of the free 2D software. There are no service pack fixes for the free 2D
Drafting software.
However, if you are an existing Solid Edge customer, there is a maintenance
version of Solid Edge 2D Drafting. It is still free, but has a minimal
maintenance fee that allows you to receive service pack updates as you get
them for full Solid Edge. The maintenance version is intended to be used in
a working environment along with copies of full Solid Edge. It is NOT the
same software you download from the web. The installation is more like a
Solid Edge installation. This problem has already been fixed in a service
pack update of the maintenance version.
Contact your reseller for more information about maintenance or send me an
email and we can discuss this offline.
Rick B.