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bolt hole circle


being a machinist i often need to layout bolt hole patterns of two three and four
holes and calculate x and y coordinents.i cant get the bolt hole tool to respond
to my wishes. what should my steps be to generate a diminsionded drawing be when
what i know is the radius from the center line of my piece to the center line of
the bolt hole pattern and the number and size of the holes.thanks

Re: bolt hole circle

The Bolt Hole Circle command is not for creating the circles to represent
holes. This command is used to create the center marks and circular
centerlint for an existing circular hole pattern.
Rick B.

Re: bolt hole circle

I have attached an example of an associative bolt hole circle. It took me
about five minutes to put this together.
Open the file. Make sure Maintain Relationships is enabled. It is on the
Tools tab.
Make sure that Relationship Handles are enabled. It is on the View tab.
1. Click on the linear dimension at the bottom and change the value. The
bolt hole circle will change position.
2. Click on the 100 mm diameter dimension and change the value. The diameter
of the bolt hole circle will change. Notice that the circles representing
the holes stay connected to the larger circle. The center of the small holes
are constrained (connected) to the large circle.
3. Change the 10 mm diameter dimension, notice that all the circles
representing the holes change diameter. They are constrained to be equal to
4. Change the 45 degree dimension. Notice that all the holes move around the
larger circle together.
Study the constraints and dimensions that are on the objects.
Rick B.