boundary measurement

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Hi All,

Please kindly advise.
Is there any tool or feature that we can use in solid edge such a bounding box to measure a particular part in one command? If any.

My intension is to know the highest, widest, and longest dimension of the particular part. So we know the material stock needed to create that particular part.

Any answer is really heelpfull

Thanks And Regards

Re: boundary measurement


Hi Destian,

You can e.g. use my macro "Hauptmaße" which exactly is doing, what Yue are looking for.

And not only, but more, if You like.


Everything is controlled within the INI file.

Since more people used it, it includes English info too.


Number of dimenison variables, names, prefix and separators, property name for the stock dimensions and and extra for PSM where sheet metal infos is taken out, like number of bends, length of cutting contour, length of the longest bend line, surface, costs, etc.


Make a try, may be it helps and if there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask.






Re: boundary measurement

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Hi wolfgang,
Thank you very much for your help.
Since I haven't experiencing on macro. Would you mind to explain me on how to use it and run the command?. I really appreciate for your help.

Anyone might be helpfull

Thanks and regard

Re: boundary measurement



OK, let's try


Destian, first open the "Hauptmaße.ini" file and see all the options and parameters You find there.


If You change nothing and if You do not define anything within Your part,
run the macro (put it onto your QAT e.g.)


You will get then the x,y,z maximum distances of Your part model, saved into the property You have defined in section Propname of the INI file P_Name_1 = xxxx


like Main_Dim in the example below

'property names for main dimension property and raw dimenion property

P_Name_2 = Stock_Dim


'number of decimal places for the main dimensions
d_Places = 1


The format is defined by the delimter character in the INI which could be e.g. "/"

So You get a Main_Dim property 130/50/21 or x/y/z


This is when nothing else is defined.


To due request we have modified the basic macro to fullfill the requests.

You can (but You must not) use variable/dimension names defined in the first section like B,H,D, and so on or finally L


See here the section in the ini

'default Name = dim_X ... wobei X gleich der laufenden Nummer
'default names are dim_x ... where x is the counting number
'that menas, if You want to use dim_1, dim_2, and so on for variable names there is no need for any special namings.

main_1 = B
main_2 = H
main_3 = B2
main_4 = D
main_5 = S
main_6 = L


If the macro finds any of those variables they are used instead the x,y,z following the order defined again in the ini.

And You can define certain delimiters for every variable.

So e.g. for the L (length) there is the defined delimter " L=" 


Therefore You will get (if defined: BxHxB2xD L=llll)

for every variable You can define an offset variable too, which then will calculate the stock material necessary.


The last entry in the INI is the SAVE section

Set save to 1 and after actualising the props the part will be saved 


Hope this helps






Re: boundary measurement

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Hi Wolfgang,


i tried ur Macro with the ST10.


If i start the Macro, a second Solid Edge is starting and the message is "no SE Document foud".

After that the Macro is doing nothing if i have closed the 2. started SolidEdge


Could you help me out?


regards Chris