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brand new to this can't open

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I am brand new to solid edge. I worked my way through the first tutorial. Then
I bought Scott Hansen's book learning and Applying Soldi Edge V20 Step-by-step"
The first screen I clicked on Create Solid Part, nothing happens. The only one
that opens in Create Drawing. What am I doing wrong. I downloaded the free 2d
Thank you
John Kruesi

Re: brand new to this can't open

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Most likely Scott's book is based on the full purchased version of Solid
Edge. In the full version you create 3D parts and assemblies and then create
drawings from those models. The free version only has the simplified 2D
drafting software included. If you see something about Solid Edge, it most
likely is refering to the full 3D version. If it says Solid Edge 2D
Drafting, it will be the free version with drafting only.
Rick B.