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cannot install

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I have just dowloaded the installation file, and when Windows install wizard tries to install it, an error appears when says that there is some .tmp file missing? Is there anything I can do to solve this? thanks

Re: cannot install

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Be specific when detailing problems. It may be that you have User rights issues. Which version of Windows? What was exact error message?


Re: cannot install

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Same issue here. I got the message after unzipping all the files, that _is1F.tmp is missing in the file C:\Documents and Settings\Utente\Local Settings\Temp. I created the file, after which another file was stated missing. This went on for like 5-6 times after which I gave up.
I use winXP prof in English, wanted to install SolidEdge in German.

Re: cannot install

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If 2D Drafting fails to install and gives an error about a '.tmp' file
cannot be found, there is a fix for the problem.
Go to the following web site and install .NET 3.5. This is a Microsoft
Simply click on the Download button on this web page.
I prefer saving the file to a specific location and then running the file
from there.
After you have installed .NET 3.5, install Solid Edge 2D Drafting again.
Rick B.