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conversion Part Size

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I want to know reducing a part(or Assembly)'s entire size at once. how can I do it?






When I test Wire Harness Module, I have faced some problem.


the problem is bluedots, In Wire Harness environment.



I tried to move the bluedots, but It just operated mouse dragging.


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‎10-31-2015 11:41 PM

Re: conversion Part Size

Create a new part file.  In this blank part file in the Home tab, select Part Copy.























Then select either the Part or Assembly you would like to scale.  



Now you can scale in the X, Y, and/or Z direction.  Numbers greater than 1 make the part larger.  Between 0 and less than 1 make the part smaller.  You can also select Shrink Factor, in this case, numbers larger than 1 make the part smaller and numbers between 0 and less than 1 make the part larger.


If you want to keep the assembly as an assembly file, you may need to save your assembly with a new name, scale each compoenent individually, save each as a new part, then replace each compoenent in the assembly with the new parts.  

Brian Fritz
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