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convert line to spline

Hi, i have a line that was digitized as single points including curves. i need to smooth the curves so the points line up properly as though created by the curve option. Any way to easily convert the line? i need more points on the line as they are for an external application that requires it.

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: convert line to spline

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It's difficult to fully understand without an image, so if you could post one, would be easier.


From what you described,

1. To convert a line (straight segment) to a spline (curve in Solid Edge) use the Convert to Curve command:



2. To add more points to an existing curve/spline, select it and from the Command Bar, select Add/Remove points and click on the curve where more points need to be added:



Hope you find this useful.


Re: convert line to spline

I have a set of line segments that I want to convert to a single spline.




Doing this by hand is not a solution! I have seen this technology in other systems where I can define the tolerance and the system will create a single spline.

May be I missed something in Solid Edge!?



Re: convert line to spline

If this is a single time problem you can send the line segments to me, AutoCAD can make a spline of segments.

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Re: convert line to spline

Thank you for you offer!


This is a general request.

In this case we are talking about Sheet metal parts and if you have this line segments the cutting will not look as good if you have a single spline! Also for the laser cutting it is more effort.


I don't think that this is a "Manhattan Project" to realize something like this Smiley Wink



Re: convert line to spline

Yes, with all the line segments the laer will take some time to start and stop at all those endpoints.


I am used to using a feature called join and you can control the degree of the spline you want to create.


Maybe that discription will jar some memories.


I was also wondering what would happen if you projected all those curves onto a plane. Maybe that will generate a single entity.

Re: convert line to spline

We made an ER for this because we have several customers looking for this especially in the sheet metal arena.