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copy/paste in same location in assy


Hi all,


Let me present a bit myself first .


I am a design 40y old Design engineer, leaving in toulouse France.

I'v been working for Aerospace industry for the last 20 years, and i am very familiar with Catia. ( i have trained many people on surfacing and conf management fr example)

I have recently switched to a new company , a start up who choose solidedge for developing their product.


For what i'v seen solidedge have great potential.


But i am struggling when i try to reproduce Catia workflow.


So here is my problem/question :



I have master assembly named "study", containing a assy named "scenario 1"

i want to make a new assy based scenario 1 on it , that i will call scenario 2

and i want to have both at the same location in assy " study"


I was expecting to do the following :

 in assy "study" :

- copy scenario 1 assy and paste it in place ( in study assy)

- save the instance of scenario1 with a new name in order to have 2 differents assy instead of 2 instances of scenario 1


the problem is , that i didn't find a way to copy/paste a assembly at the same location, 

Solid edge set location of my assy " somewhere" and i have to assemble it in order to set it in the good location


is there a better way to make a new version of existing assy and keeping it in place ?


thanks for your feedback



Betreff: copy/paste in same location in assy

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @LaurentP




welcome to the Solid Edge Community.


I hope I have understood Your request correctly.

But if it is what I expected it to be, than YOu have to place Your two instances of subassembly Scenario1 to YOur Master assembly and then select one of them and use the "Replace Part with Copy" button




That should it be!




Betreff: copy/paste in same location in assy


thanks wolfgang.


it's exatcly what i was looking for.


i'v seen the command before, but i tough you could do it only for part.

Weel it works for assy too :-)