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creating new fill styles

How is it possible to create new hatch or fill styles using existing
blocs or dxf-dwg geometry import ? Creating them with the existing
module in format/style/new is long and does not allow users to import
preexisting libraries. Thanks for your help

Re: creating new fill styles

Currently Hatch patterns are only derived from a list of linear line
patterns. Each line that makes up the hatch pattern may have a different gap
sequence. There is not a pattern hatch that is derived from geometry. What
type of hatch patten are you trying to create?
Rick B.

Re: creating new fill styles

Hi, Thanks for the answer. I currently have a dxf library of geological
patterns I would like to incorporate in SE as fill styles. They are not
all made of lines, but sometimes curves and then cannot be created by
the SE module.
As I can easily import them in SE as objects, is there a fast way to
past them into a pre-defined shape or to make the shape crop the pattern
object ?
Sam S.