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detail view : why can't I create one ?




I'd like to create some details views, but I can't draw any view shape on my plans. I don't know why at all....


What should I check ? Are there any files properties or options that should be boxes anywhere to make the thing work ?


Charles from France

apologies for the written english....


Re: detail view : why can't I create one ?

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

The automated Detail View command only works with Drawing Views.  If documenting a 3D model, that is what you have by default.


If using 2D only in Draft, the workflow would be to create your drawing on the 2D Model sheet and then on the Working sheet use the 2D Model command on the Sketch tab/Drawing Views section to create a Drawing View of the geometry on the 2D Model sheet and then place that view on the Working sheet.  You can then use the Detail View command...

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Re: detail view : why can't I create one ?

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Siemens Phenom


Detail views must be created from some form of a drawing view. For 2D Drafting the detail view can be created from a 2D Model View. In this workflow your geometry (model) is drawn at 1:1 scale in the 2D Model workspace. Then you place 2D Model views on a working sheet (drawing) at whatever scale is needed to place it on the drawing. Then the detail view can be placed on the drawing relative to the 2D Model view. Both the 2D Model View and the Detail View are views into the same geometry in the 2D Model workspace. In other words that are referencing the same geometry. If you make a change to the geometry in 2D Model, both the views will display the change on the drawing.


Start with a simple set of geometry in 2D Model. Right Mouse Click on the Sheet1 tab at the bottom and click on 2D Model. This will take you to the 2D Model working environment where you can draw your model. Notice that in this environment you do not see a drawing border because this is not a specifically a drawing. It is an environment to draw geometry at 1:1 scale that you can create drawings from at a later time. Draw a rectangle and then a circle close to one corner of the rectangle. This circle is what you want to create the Detail of later.


Click on the the Sheet1 tab at the bottom to return to the drawing. You will notice that you do not see the geometry that you just created. Now we will start creating th edrawing from your geometry. Click on the 2DModel view command in the Drawing Views command group. This will display your geometry you drew in 2D Model. Click 2 points that will fence the rectangle you drew. You will see a dynamic rectangle that represents the view you will place on your drawing. Notice that you can change the scale of the drawing you place. So you can scale up/down the size of the view as needed. Click to place the view and you will see your geometry on the sheet at the specified scale. This is NOT a copy of the geometry. It is a view into the geometry. Dimensions placed on the drawing will be correct with respect to the actual (1:1) size of the geometry. In other words the scale of the view does not change the value of the dimensions placed on the geometry in the view.


Now Click on the Detail view command.  Locate the center of the circle and click. Then drag out for a circle that encompases the corner of the rectangle and click.You will see a dynamic circle. Click somewhere to place the detail view. You will notice that the detail view is scaled larger than the first view. Both views are windows into the same geometry you created in 2D Model.


I know this is brief, but try to work through this to understand how to use 2D Model views.



Rick B.



Re: detail view : why can't I create one ?


Thanks a lot Grundey !


I'm really a beginner and learned all although I'm now able to draw some simple tools, which is enough for me, I'm not aware of the general organization of the workspace of SE 2D...


I should study the relationships between the 2D model sheet an the "printable" sheets....I guess classical way of use is to draw in the 2D model and then export to other sheets ?


thanks again



Re: detail view : why can't I create one ?


Cross post !

so thank you too rlblack for your answer.

Didn't read it entirely yet but I guess I will find some good advises in such specify help !


Very nice to have some help in such a little time !