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As we get principal views of a part or assembly when wecall it in draft env, simillary can we get principal view of the detail view on the same drawing sheet?

I am using ST8


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Ashish Sarode


Re: detail view

Hi Ashish:


Can you post an image of the principal views derived from a detail view to understand the requirement better ?




Re: detail view

Hi Tushar,
Thanks for the reply, but I need to derives more views of the detail view itself.

For example if I have a detail view named A, then I want front side and top view of A.

Thanks and Regards,
Ashish Sarode

Re: detail view

You can't fold another fiew from a detail view (ie. create a principal view)

You can't create an auxilliary view from a detail view.


You can cut sections.


This is on ST7 - may have changed in ST8 ?


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