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There might be a topic on this already.........if so oops.


Is there a "quick" way to change a dimension unit from fraction to decimal in the draft environment other than right clicking properties / units tab / changing the round-off......


I would think you could do this by simply clicking the dimension and changing the units on the command bar to decimals.....


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if you set up a new dimension style.


call it "fractions"  set this style as desired.


then once you select a dim all you need to do is change the style by the way you describe. 


quite easy and indeed the way we do it for some dimensions...


this is how we modify call outs too to have different decimal precision.


So hole call outs have their own "style"  and this way we can have .xx (2 decimal precisioin) on clearence holes.


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You could set up different dimension styles and pick the one you want from the command bar.


Edit: Looks like Matt beat me to the punch. Missed it by THAT much.

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Thats what I was looking for! Thanks