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download is not good

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Running with a checked download speed of 7.6 Mbps I have tried to download the 45 day trial of solid edge three times now this evening, first time took 2 hours and only dropped 1.53 Gig into a "part" file without a service connection failure, the second time fialed to do anything, the third download lasted just under three hours (still at an available download speed of over 7 Mbps) with the cpu running around 3% and although it downloaded over 5 Gig it appears not have dropped it (or anything) into the download folder (or any other folder)
its not my `puter` thats slow, I can still access video and gen web services over the top of the download !
I cant afford to keep spending my money like this trying to download a file to allow me to compare solid edge against autocad (solid)
If I get bored in the small hours I`ll try one more time.