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downloading 2d free

Hello Ricky
This is the webpage I am trying to get to. I have used both the first time user
and the renewel as I am registered.
I have since been able to download it onto my laptop but not the desktop.
I have followed the instructions on the attachment but it still doesnt work.
I am using windows XP
Thanks for your interest
Regards John


Re: downloading 2d free

When the download finished, did you run the executable to install the
software? The downloaded executable is an installation executable.
If you need to install the software on multiple machines, you can simply
copy the executable from one machine to another and run the executable
again. You do not have to go through the registration again unless you do
not have the original downloaded executable.
We have been experiencing some problems with the servers from which the file
is downloaded, if it still does not download, please let me know.
Rick B.